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Are you afraid of exposing your personal details and other important information while browsing the web? Well, there’s no need to worry because you can reclaim your privacy with AdvancedVPN. Simply put, a VPN allows you to surf the internet anonymously.

However, some VPN providers claim to offer total anonymity but end up tracking your online activity. We believe that privacy is everyone’s right and that’s why AdvancedVPN does not gather or store information about your online activity. It’s all about keeping you secure and helping you surf the web without exposing your privacy.

An Advocate for Online Privacy

AdvancedVPN is the world’s leading choice for internet users who know the value of anonymity. We have been advocating for online privacy and security since 2009. We also support nonprofit organizations that fight for the right to stay anonymous and enjoy free speech. VPN users can trust us with their personal data.

Anonymize Everything with AdvancedVPN

The online world can be a very scary place if you don't take the right precautions to stay safe. You can fall into a heap of trouble that may threaten your reputation just by visiting particular sites or exposing yourself to certain spyware and network threats. There are sites capable of fetching your home address or location or steal access to your webcam or mic, and much more unimaginable risks. There are times when you need to save something but you can't because it needs to remain a secret, but you have to refrain from doing so because there's no safe place to store such files? AdvancedVPN understands, and AdvancedVPN has done all the research and taken all the right steps to make sure no one gets through to your personal details or devices without your consent and comes with a private vault where you can store all your personal files just for yourself.

Privacy is a right, not a privilege!

It's human nature to seek privacy at times, and there's nothing wrong with wanting alone time with your phone and a good porn site running. However, the risk that follows is abundant, and it's never too careful to be a little cautious of what you do online. Now, this can be hectic and impractical if we were to go to our browser, delete history, clear cache, erase cookies, and so on. If you were rushed by, someone suddenly barging in on you, how will you manage with the deleting and erasing? Let's leave a pin on it for a second. How would you protect yourself from hackers and advertisers who are capable of tracing your personal information and whereabouts? It's a tricky world out there when it comes to enjoying some erotic content, but these risks shouldn't be a bar to what you enjoy doing. That is why Advanced VPN is up and running, ensuring you get your private time while being perfectly safe.

Prevent Third Parties from Accessing Your Information

Third parties can track your online activity if you are not using a VPN. Likewise, internet service providers have the capability to see what you are doing on the internet and can share your information with organizations that need it. Also, governments can prevent you from accessing content based on information from your browsing activity. Companies can also make price changes by monitoring your online activity.

AdvancedVPN protects you from these malicious activities by keeping the parties involved away from your personal details and online activity. We will never share your details with the NSA and other government agencies. What’s more, your browsing activity will never leak because we don’t keep logs of our clients’ internet traffic.

Enjoy a VPN with Unparalleled Speeds

AdvancedVPN runs on an optimized network allowing users to enjoy incredible speeds and unlimited bandwidths. When connecting to the internet at home, spies may use your unique IP to identify you. AdvancedVPN uses a shared IP address making it difficult for spies to know your true identity.

Watch what you want Anonymously!

Plenty of people like to watch porn online. Still, there's a taboo surrounding the subject. Due to this taboo, many people want to be able to visit adult websites in complete anonymity. You can achieve this (for a big part) with a trustworthy VPN. With this secure connection, you'll be able to browse completely anonymously. Moreover, a VPN can help you unblock certain online content. If you use the incognito mode of your browser at the same time, not even your own computer will remember where you've been. There is a but, however: even using a VPN can't guarantee your online privacy. Modern techniques such as browser fingerprinting are being used more and more and are able to track you online even when you clear your cookies and use a false IP address. Even so, a VPN already goes a long way. If you use it to watch (legal) porn, it'll most likely be sufficient.

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