What is AdvancedVPN’s Network Lock?

AdvancedVPN uses Network Lock as a kill switch. The primary function of the kill switch is to protect your data if there is a connection problem with your VPN. It blocks your internet activity until the connection is restored so you can browse the web safely.

AdvancedVPN uses its advanced security and privacy features to protect you even when your connection flickers. It also saves you when your PC is in sleep mode and when you switch to another Wi-Fi network. You can use AdvancedVPN’s Network Lock on routers, Mac, Windows, and Linux devices.

How a Kill Switch Works

Network Switch kicks in to stop internet traffic if your connection to the VPN is interrupted. Once your internet traffic is halted, your personal details are safe from the malicious activities of spies including your ISP. Therefore, there’s no need to worry in case of a VPN connection failure.

Benefits of Network Lock

AdvancedVPN’s Network offers a number of benefits to users. It’s the kill switch responsible for stopping internet traffic to prevent other people from accessing your current location or IP address through your device. Your data won’t be shared with other users on the internet. Therefore, third parties cannot monitor or intercept your communications and personal information. You are always safe because the VPN tunnel is encrypted.

When Does Network Lock Start Working?

Network Lock starts working once you get connected to the VPN. It is an automatic switch that remains on until you decide to switch it off. If you are using a Mac or Windows device, you only need to take a few steps to turn off the kill switch. Linux users can use a few commands to turn off the switch. Remember it’s not advisable to disable Network Lock and you cannot disable it on AdvancedVPN for routers.

When active, Network Lock protects you when your desktop or laptop goes to sleep, when you change to a different Wi-Fi network, when the signal flickers, and when you switch your internet off or on. Network Lock also protects you if your ISP is temporarily unavailable.

Use Network Lock on AdvancedVPN Apps

  • Router App – If you are using Network Lock on AdvancedVPN’s router app, the kill switch protects every device connected to the VPN. Use split tunneling if you want to exclude some devices from your VPN. Network Lock won’t affect those devices.
  • Windows and Mac Apps – Network Lock protects your desktops and laptops regardless of your location. The kill switch protects your privacy without interfering with printers and other local devices.
  • Linux App – Feel free to use AdvancedVPN on Linux computers anywhere in the world. AdvancedVPN’s Network Lock works with browser extensions to keep you safe. Like Windows and Mac users, you’ll get notifications on your screen when the kill switch is active.
  • Android – If you are using an Android device, AdvancedVPN supports leakproofing, but this will interfere with split tunneling. It will also disrupt access to devices on your local network. If you don’t want this to happen, use Network Protection settings.

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