VPN Security - Is VPN Encryption Safe?

VPN encryption is based on advanced mathematics and has proven to be effective after several implementations. Read the entire article to find out how AdvancedVPN utilizes strong encryption methods to secure your information and communications online.

Does AdvancedVPN Use Secure Encryption Techniques?

AAdvancedVPN mixes your internet traffic with other users’ traffic and hides your IP to protect you as you browse the internet. What’s more, the app uses advanced encryption technology to secure internet traffic between your device and our safe VPN servers. With an encrypted connection, your Wi-Fi network operator or ISP cannot access your personal information. AdvancedVPN utilizes 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption. The United States government and security experts around the world use this technology to keep confidential information safe.

256-bit encryption = 2256 combinations = 1.1 x 1077

It’s virtually impossible for supercomputers to break the encryption using brute-force attacks!

VPN Protocols

AdvancedVPN uses various VPN protocols for encryption purposes. These include the highly configurable TCP and UDP protocols. Both protocols are secure OpenVPN protocols and it’s possible to choose your preferred option. However, the best option is to allow the app to choose automatically for optimal security and speed. If you are connecting using third-party apps like Network Manager, Terminal (Linux) or Tunnelblick (Mac OS X), OpenVPN offers various options.

AdvancedVPN with OpenVPN offers the following encryption features:

Server Authentication

In terms of operation, OpenVPN is similar to HTPPS or TLS. Generally, OpenVPN is a type of TLS VPN while HTTPS is a safer version of HTTP that allows your browser to verify a website’s integrity using preinstalled certificates. A website that uses HTTPS has a green lock in the address bar. OpenVPN also utilizes certificates to prevent attacks. HTTPS uses centralized registers or Certificate Authorities. These are certificates trusted by the user’s browser or operating system. They are issued and revoked based on common standards.

However, you are required to install your OpenVPN certificate. Usually, you have to save the certificate on your device and tell the VPN client where to find the file. AdvancedVPN’s RSA certificate uses the SHA-512 algorithm from the SHA-2 category. The RSA key has 4,096 bits.

HMAC (keyed-Hash Message Authentication Code) Authentication

HMAC protects your data from being altered by attackers who can read it during transmission. OpenVPN and TLS use hashes to authenticate messages in the most reliable way.

Control and Data Channel Encryption

AdvancedVPN relies on AES-256-CBC for control-channel encryption. AES is a common encryption standard based on Vincent Rijmen and Joan Daemen’s Rijndael cipher. It uses 256 bits and Cipher Block Chaining (CBC) to make each message dependent on the last message sent. This makes it possible to quickly detect the slightest interruption.

When it comes to data channels, AdvancedVPN’s symmetric encryption technique protects your information from being “seen” by parties who facilitate transmission. The elliptic curve Diffie-Hellman key exchange is used to negotiate the key. Your VPN application and the selected AdvancedVPN server negotiate the secret encryption key using clever mathematics.

Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS)

With PFS, even a dedicated attacker cannot decrypt traffic from your previous sessions even if they manage to compromise your device. This is possible with AdvancedVPN because there’s always a new key whenever you connect. AdvancedVPN will also negotiate a new key in 60-minute intervals if you stay connected for longer periods. This means that a successful attacker can only access up to 1 hour of data. Everything else is protected and going forward.

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